Last Updated May 25, 2016


Inquiry:  A question from a Participant.
Lead:  Any individual or company having disclosed interest in a Solution Provider.
Profile:  A group of information associated with a company or product within Services (i.e.: an online Profile page).

Your Account

As a Solution Provider and individual Subscriber, if you have a free or paid subscription to Services and have access to Company marketing solutions, you may use all published and displayed Content within Services.  You may not share or provide your access to Services or the information contained therein to any other employer, company or individual, unless you have express written permission from Company. If you have an advertising agency or public relations firm that will manage your subscription to Services on your behalf, please contact us via phone or Upon submission of your account registration information, Company shall have the right to approve or reject the requested registration, in its sole discretion.

Your Use of Services

Upon submitting the Add A Solution form, Company hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use Services for the associated fees (if applicable) and under the terms described in this agreement.  You agree that your use of Services is solely for non-commercial use unless you or your organization have express written permission from Company.

Solution Provider agrees to:
  • Grant Company right to use Provider logos, trademarks and service marks in a Profile and for purposes stated within any agreed upon Service subscription.
  • Allow Company to modify, publish, remove, share, transmit and display Provider Information in a Profile, social media mention and for purposes stated within any agreed upon Service subscription.
  • Grant Company a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, royalty free, license to all Provider Information provided to Company for use in a Profile and for purposes stated within any agreed upon Service subscription. This license gives Company the right to use, copy, transmit, retransmit, excerpt, translate, publish, republish, distribute, publicly display, host, index, cache, tag, encode, modify and adapt Content for use in any form of media within Services.
  • Abide by all rules as stated in the Terms of Service associated with the Service and its Participants.
Our Services
Solution Provider agrees to:
  • Respond in a timely manner to all requests for information made by Company for the purposes of fulfilling Requests and purchases.
  • Provide timely and accurate updates to Company with regard to changes to Solution Provider’s products and services (changes due to branding, brand guidelines, software releases, press releases, product information, marketing materials, advertising materials, pricing and other marketing information).
  • Provide access to resources at Solution Provider’s company to respond to inquiries from Company.
  • Supply only publicly available marketing or advertising information and materials to Company, unless the exchange of additional information, including confidential information, is covered under a separate agreement.
  • Contact Company should they wish to modify any Content published by Company containing Solution Provider information.
Company agrees to:
  • Provide Contact, Inquiry and Lead Information based on the Services the Solution Provider has purchased.
  • Reflect changes to Solution Provider Information on Site and within Services in a timely manner upon receipt of new Content or modification requests from Solution Provider.
  • Follow all reasonable brand guidelines provided by Solution Provider within any constraints of the Service.

If you have supplied us your contact information, we may contact you via email, phone, social media sites or other channels for business reasons. We reserve the right to send email to you to inform you about additions or modifications to our Services. Further, Company reserves the right to change or reorganize its Content based on business needs.

Professional Reviews

Professional Reviews consist of detailed software or service assessment performed by Accubase on behalf of a Solution Provider or at the request of a Customer. These documents provide an accurate depiction of the capabilities of the software or service to improve a Subscriber’s ability to make a purchase. These reviews are published online and made accessible to Subscribers through Accubase Services. A subscribing Solution Provider will be granted a license to publish excerpts from the Professional Review and publish and distribute links to their respective online review for the benefit of generating demand for their own products and services.

Fees & Payments

You will always be given notice of any Services that require a fee. If we begin charging for a Service that was free when you registered or made your purchase, we will give you advance written notice of this and inform you of any associated fees.

In the event you purchase Services for which we charge, you will be responsible for payment associated with all Services and related taxes. All Solution Provider annual subscription services are renewed automatically with advance notice, invoiced via email and have net15 terms. Your subscription will start upon receipt of payment.


Company will send all notices to Solution Provider based on the company and contact information supplied during Registration.