Allows professionals with marketing or technology responsibilities to be the expert in MarTech for their company or client base. You will have the power of Accubase’s resources to support your career, team and company.

Product Offerings Marketer Leader
Information Services
Request Acculists Yes Yes
Accubase Highlights Yes Yes
Accubase Professional Reviews Yes Yes
Business Services
Access to a MarTech Coach Yes Yes
MarTech Planning & Business Review Semi-annual Quarterly

Solution Providers

Enables companies with marketing technology, agency services or consulting services to present their solutions in partnership with Accubase for the benefit of prospective clients.

Marketing Services Marketer Leader
Accubase Highlights of Your Product(s) Yes Yes
Professional Review of Your Product(s) $ $

Introductory Pricing

Pricing for Solution Providers reflects the complete combination of the above listed Accubase Services, with the exception of Professional Reviews.

Marketer Leader
Subscriber $2,900 $4,900
Marketer Leader
Solution Provider $4,900 $8,900
Professional Review $2,500 $2,300

Agencies & Consultants: ask about pricing for servicing multiple clients.

All product offerings provide varying features based upon subscription level.