Industry Segments

Accubase serves the following segments of the hotel and accommodation industry:

Hotels Resorts
Motels Vacation & Home Rentals
Management Companies Ownership Groups
Brands Chains


When reviewing the solutions within this industry, it is helpful to understand the overall solution landscape as it relates to marketing services and technologies that may play a role for any accommodation provider. The following solution map is a starting point for understanding the total set of solutions to consider. If you want to explore the possibilities for a given business need, Request an Acculist and Accubase will create a dynamic list of solutions based on its research and your described requirements.

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Marketing Technology Guide

When applying solutions to a business environment, Accubase’s Marketing Technology Guide provides insights into where an accommodation provider may want to offer a service or create competitive advantage, among other strategic and tactical goals. Request this guide to begin identifying those aspects of marketing that may be important to the success of your business.

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Marketing Technology Surveys

As an accommodation provider you may also request participation in Accubase’s Marketing Technology Surveys. The results of these surveys will provide participants insights into the investments being made into various technologies and how their Marketing Operations Ratios compare to similar accommodation providers. The surveys cover individual hotels and resorts along with brands, management companies and ownership groups as well as vacation and home rentals or portfolios within these segments. Request an invitation to the survey by completing the linked form.

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Solution Research

Accubase’s marketing and technology category summaries are included in the following slideshow to give you selected examples of the types of solutions covered in Accubase’s research services for these industry segments.

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Slideshow Examples: Central Reservation Services (CRS), Hotel & Property Management (PMS), Channel Management, Content Management Systems (CMS), Internet Booking Engines (IBE), Digital Menus, Club Member Portal, Club Management, Online Tee Times, Event Marketing, Point of Sale (POS), Reputation Management, Time Tracking