Category Essence: Sales & Catering Solutions

Sales & Catering systems were the earliest form of CRM for the Hotel, Restaurant and Country Club industries. Recent innovation and an increase in solution providers has changed the playing field for buyers. This technology plays an important role in the sales management and catering management functions for this type of business and usually interacts with many business processes. Capsolve has released a brief introduction to the global S&C marketplace to give buyers and sellers of these solutions a better understanding of market constituents. This report provides: 

  • A summary of the overall S&C marketplace, and
  • Its place within the Marketing Technology Ecosystem
  • The Core Capabilities provided by many solutions
  • The Styles and Strategies employed by Solution Providers within the market
  • Key marketing considerations for this software
  • A glimpse into Current Trends influencing the S&C category

Category Essence: Central Reservation Systems & Solutions

Innovation in the Hospitality marketing and technology ecosystem continues to be driven forward as a result of changing needs for hotels, vacation rentals and consumers. A core technology often playing a crucial role in the MarTech ecosystem of this type of business is the CRS. Capsolve has released a brief introduction to the global CRS marketplace for the industry. It provides:

  • A summary of the overall CRS marketplace, and
  • Its place within the Hotel MarTech Ecosystem
  • The Core Capabilities provided by most solutions
  • The Styles and Strategies employed within the market
  • Marketing Considerations for these powerful solutions
  • A glimpse into Current Trends influencing the CRS category

Buying Marketing Technology & Services

There are numerous possible categories with regard to analyzing and evaluating marketing services and technologies as it pertains to your business. While only a subset of these may be a priority for any specific need within your marketing team, the coverage is important. It allows solutions to be identified that meet your objectives and requirements.

As a result there are two primary considerations. First, is understanding the core needs for you, including your unique set of business requirements and combining this with a thorough understanding of what’s possible from available solutions in the marketplace. Second, is evaluating technologies against your unique needs and accelerating your time from the identification of a marketing need to implementation, while improving the probability of success.

When embarking on a project, it is always important to review possibilities with respect to building and buying the set of solutions that enable you to get from point A to point B. This may entail complementing your internal resources with any of a number of potential resources or simply getting a better understanding of your options.

What are the benefits of hiring a company for their marketing services or marketing technology? There are many potential benefits, but here are a few:

  • You are hiring passion and people who excel at what they do
  • They may make your employees better by exposing them to new perspectives
  • Depending upon the maturity of the solution, you may get more capability than performing the same work or building the same technology yourself

In addition to general and detailed capabilities and the standard considerations associated with buying this type of service or technology, a few of the categories a buyer could consider are:

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Specific Integrations
  • Migration Considerations
  • Privacy Implications
  • Supportability
  • Sustainability

These and many other categories enable you to easily evaluate the technologies and services most suitable to your company’s needs while taking into account those potential marketing and technology capabilities best aligned to your strategic objectives.

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